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Jarrett Linowes

He has run and skied both leisurely and competitively for years and is interested in barefoot running and its impacts on modern running. Jarrett is currently studying for a bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of New Hampshire and has an interest in the study of Exercise S... Read More

Steven Linowes

He is a fitness and sports enthusiast who has an interest in working with athletes in his future. Steven has experience working with both beginner and intermediate high school athletes improving their strength and conditioning. In the near future, Steven plans to compete in various fitness and li... Read More


Running 101

New to running? Take a look at a list of running tips to help you in your running career.


5 Places for a Successful Winter Run

In the cold of the winter, you have to be smart about where and when you run in order to prevent injury and complete your workout. Take a look at the pros and cons of five places you can run in the dead of winter.


Benefits of Barefoot Running and Disadvantages of Shoes

Have you ever thought about why we wear running shoes when we run? What would happen if we didn't wear shoes, could barefoot running have its advantages too?

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